Rory Hornstein, RD.

Supermarket Tour

Do you feel overwhelmed when reading food labels? Are unsure of what is a healthy amount of fat, fibre or carbohydrate in a product? Would you like someone to explain to you what sodium triphosphate actually is and why you care?

Let the Registered Dietitian lead you through reading a food label and product ingredients in order to make the healthiest choices at the grocery store. Learn about decreasing your fat, sodium, and cholesterol intake, and increasing fibre and healthy vitamins and minerals.

These fun and informative information sessions are conducted by dietitian, Rory Hornstein, over a 60 hour tour up and down the supermarket aisles, teaching you how to read food packet labels confidently, giving you the skills not only to choose foods safely but to ensure you are enjoying your diet to the fullest.

Professional Fee: Call for rates (Click here for individual rate)
Duration: 1 Hour
This package for 5-10 people

Fuel with a Friend

Change is always easier with a friend. Whether you team up with your significant other, best friend, or sister; what matters is that you will be there to support each other.

Learn how to fuel your life with your favorite person! Each team member will receive dietary analysis, 7 days meal planning advice with recipes, individual nutrition goals, and learn how to balance meals and snacks.

Professional Fee: $270
2 - 7 day food journal analysis (one for each person)
90 minute initial consult (for two people)
Prior to the initial consult, you will be asked to complete and submit a 7 day food journal.

Sport Nutrition Workshop

Are you unsure of which foods to eat before, during, and after training? Are you wondering when the best time to eat for maximum benefit is? Perhaps you are chronically fatigued by the end of each week and your endurance performance is deteriorating? You may be struggling with low iron status and not sure of how to optimize your diet for the most bio-available sources of iron. Perhaps you just want to know about the best food choices on the market for your health and performance.

Your body is more than just a human machine - it thinks, breathes, moves, eats and drinks! And there are better foods and fluids to keep your body working at its best. Carbohydrate rich foods and fluids are important but which foods and fluids are the best choices? And when is the best time to eat and drink them? Should you eat during training or just wait until after?

Well look no further! This ½ day workshop is full of updated information to help you select the best foods and fluids so that you can train longer, recover more quickly, avoid injuries, and achieve your sport performance goals.

Female athlete, Consulting RD to the Canada Western Summer Games 2011 and Sport Dietitian, Rory Hornstein will provide you with a proven fueling program that addresses the unique needs of physically active men and women. The interactive sport nutrition workshop will teach you how to practice sport nutrition for peak health and performance - so that you are refueled, ready to go, and achieving your sport and health goals.

Get the ultimate edge on your competition!

Professional Fee: $30/Person
4 hour seminar
Minimum 15 people

Sport Nutrition Program

Does your team or sport club need sport nutrition advice or have performance and nutrition related questions? Do you want to be a step ahead of your competitors?

Rory Hornstein has a sport nutrition program for teams, sport clubs and their coaches and parents. As a Sports Dietitian, she will work with your team or club to help your athletes achieve peak health and performance.

The Sport Nutrition program includes:

  • Pre-Assessment of team
    This assessment allows our sport nutrition specialists to analyze* the team's eating attitudes and food choice behaviors. Results from this assessment will assist in the development of future sessions. (*7 day food journal to be completed and returned by all team members prior to workshop)
  • Team Workshops
    The sport nutrition workshops provide athletes with interactive nutrition tools to help athletes reach their peak performance goals. The Sport Nutrition Program includes two team visits from our Sport Nutritionist, each for 1.5 hours in length (including Q & A). Workshop topics will be based on the pre-assessment results as well as discussions with coaching and/or parents.

Examples of pertinent sport nutrition workshops include:

Staying on Board: Nutrition Strategies for Travel
You have focused all year on eating well and traininghard. What does travel do to your performance? Eatingand hydration routines are disrupted and sleep patternsgo out the window. With a little planning the turbulence won't even affect you.

Recovery Formula
Without proper recovery athletes are more susceptible toillness, chronic fatigues, possible injury, and possible reduced physical adaptations to training sessions or schedule. Nutrition plays a key role in maximizing anathlete's response to exercise bout as well as preparation for the next training session. Get the specifics-this session will discuss the necessary amounts of the key nutrients to apply to your recovery food based on your sport, body size and schedule. Take your recovery nutrition to the next level.

Coaches/ Managers Corner
Have a one on one chat with a sport nutritionist to assist your management of the nutrition component for your team. This session is designed for coaches or managers and can be combined with one of the other sessions as a post nutrition session. This session can also be organized as a phone call.

Hydration: The Silent Performance Enhancer
Hydration versus dehydration - athletes will assess their current fluid balance. Athletes will determine a fluid strategy and will know when and how much to consume.

The R5 Recovery Plan
Refueling to win - athletes will assess their diet and learn how to refuel with the right kinds of foods to maximize health and performance.

Parent/Coach Workshop
A unique workshop specifically designed for parents and coaches of the athletes. This workshop provides meal planning and food choice strategies for parents to help support athletes' nutrition goals.

Professional Fee: $600
Pre-Assessment of team
2 - 90 minute Team Workshops
Each team member will be asked to complete and submit a 7 day food journal.

Nutrition/diet counseling by a Registered Dietitian may be covered under your extended benefits plan. Check with your benefits manager.

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