Rory Hornstein, RD.

Initial Consult

All our dietetic services include personalized nutrition consulting with a Registered Dietitian. A 60 minute initial consult includes:

Nutrition Assessment
  • Comprehensive nutrition and health interview
  • Analysis of your carbohydrate, fat, protein, vitamin, and mineral intake and needs
  • Discussion of areas of specific concern or interest to you
Nutrition Recommendations
  • A Personalized Nutrition Program designed to meet your nutritional needs
  • Strategies to help you attain a healthier diet
  • Meal, snack and menu ideas developed with your input

Professional Fee: $160
1 hour initial consult
Prior to the initial consult, you will be asked to complete and submit a 7 day food journal.
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Follow-up Consult

Follow-up individual counseling is available for those clients who request continued counseling sessions with a Registered Dietitian.

We recommend that you book a follow-up to keep yourself motivated, ask more questions, review your food diary, discuss ways to overcome obstacles/challenges, or receive more advice.

Professional Fee: $90
45 minute follow-up session
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Nutrition/diet counseling by a Registered Dietitian may be covered under your extended benefits plan. Check with your benefits manager.

Rory Hornstein, RD |