Rory Hornstein, RD.

Sports Nutrition

Receive a personalized fueling plan that will help you reach your health, weight & performance goals!

Rory Hornstein, RD specializes in helping active people fuel themselves optimally for high energy, enhanced performance, good health, and weight management.

Rory has more than twelve years of experience with helping both casual exercisers and competitive athletes resolve their questions and concerns about food, weight, and eating for energy. She counsels clients of all athletic abilities and ages (from middle school through college and beyond, including new moms, Baby Boomers, women struggling with menopause, and seniors.

Rory's Nutrition Checkup is helpful for active people who:

Nutrition services include:

Instead of struggling with nutrition problems by yourself, try a professional approach that will help you feel better about your food choices, eating habits, energy levels, body weight-and successfully win with good nutrition.

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